Former Global Test Method Committee Meeting Reports

The GTMC is the technical body which routinely meets to bring more efficiency in Global TM Harmonisation
Former Global Test Method Committee Meeting Reports

The GTF includes the Global Test Methods Committee (GTMC), the technical body which routinely meets on the same day in the same location as the GTF and includes a majority of the same delegates. Former Afera Steering Committee Member and Technical Chairman Lutz Jacob headed the GTMC Meetings.

Of significant importance was the Member Associations’ pledge to develop and harmonise self-adhesive tape TMs in 
close collaboration, under the GTF umbrella. Once finalised, the TMs will be referred to as ‘GTF-Harmonised TMs’, a quality label providing international credibility without requiring the commitments of time and financial resources to the ISO-certification process. The first three ISO-certification procedures cost the European, American and Japanese self-adhesive tape industry associations a total of €25,600 and 5 years’ time.



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