2012 Production data

Tables of data containing all environmental legislation affecting the operations of PSA producers in the regions of the 5 associations since 2000 plus any pending legislation will be added.

The GTF and GTMC Meetings together made significant progress in establishing the role and practises of the 3½-year-old international self-adhesive tape forum. All Members will report annually on total pressure sensitive tape production in their respective countries or regions. This data will be reported each November for the previous calendar year.


Total Japanese PSA Tape Production 2012>
PSA tape production volume in Japan was 1014.18 million square meters in 2012. In this last decade, production volume has been limiting the range of 1000~1200 million square meters but it was the fewest in the past 10 years. On the other hand, the sales value was 1212.94 million USD(1USD=100Yen)in 2012. This value was the fourth fewest in this period.
Above production data is not the total of all Japanese PSA tape companies but the total of 18 JATMA membership manufactures. We guess it covers 70% of all Japanese companies.

The output of China tape industry was 15.72 billion square meters in 2012, increasing 6.2% compared with the previous year. The sales value was 32.98 billion RMB (appr. 5.36 billion USD) in the same period, increasing 11.7%.
There still exist three main problems for the tape industry: domestic market demand is inadequate, excess production capacity is becoming serious, overall product competitiveness is poor.
Development trend estimate for 2013 is: China tape industry economy has been running stably, overall price level has maintained stable, and enterprise performance has improved slowly.
Download the Presentation 'China Adhesive Tape Market Overview'>

Key takeaways to the North American PS Tape analysis in 2012>
North American production of PS tapes increased from 6,800 million square meters (2010) to 7,120 million square meters (2012)
– Production value increased from $10,060M to $11,000M over the same period

Taiwan Adhesive Tape Market for 2012>
Based on direct survey of the 60 adhesive tape manufacturers in Taiwan, both members and non‐members, for 2012
  1. Concentrated market: 16 exceed capitalization of NT$100M and capture about 84% market share.
  2. High percentage of export: Since 1995, adhesive tape export volume exceeded domestic sales in Taiwan. For 2012, export is at approximately 85% of production.
  3. Product concentration: OPP, SPVC and Paper tapes take up 94% of total adhesive tape production.
  4. A slight drop in production volume due to global economic slowdown, intense competition and VOC regulatory constraints.

European estimates of the 2012 production data
Packaging Tapes:  5.3 Billion sqm
Masking Tapes:    800 Million sqm
Specialty Tapes/Others:  1.2 Billion sqm

Total:  7.3 Billion sqm.