Test methods

The Global Tape Forum aims to facilitate global harmonisation of test methods for the adhesive tape industry, using the ‘GTF-Harmonised TM’ label.


Global Tape Forum (International) Harmonised Test Methods 


 GTF 6001     Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT) of Pressure Sensitive Tape
 GTF 6002     Measurement of Thickness EN 1942 2003
 GTF 6003    Guide for Width and Length of Adhesive Tape
 GTF 6004*     Measurement of Peel Adhesive from Stainless Steel or from its Own Backing ISO 29862 - EN 1939
 GTF 6005*     Breaking Strength and Elongation of Adhesive Tape ISO 29864 -  EN 14410 2003
 GTF 6006*     Static Shear Adhesion of Adhesive Tape ISO 29863 - EN 1943 2002
 GTF 6007    Loop Tack of Adhesive Tape

*For all national bodies, ISO-certified TMs retain their official ISO numbers but are referred to in their test methods manuals by their GTF numbers as well. 


Member test methods

Afera logo  https://www.afera.com/technical-centre/afera-test-methods/international-harmonised-test-methods-afera-test-methods/  
 PSTC logo  https://www.pstc.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=4957