PSTC opens call for abstracts for 2020 annual event

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), the leading North American trade association for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufactures and affiliate suppliers, recently announced its call for abstracts for the opportunity to presentduring the Building & Construction Industry: Markets and Applications Track at its upcoming annual event, the historically known Tape Summit, taking place in Orlando, Florida, May 6-9, 2020.

Some presentation topics encouraged by PSTC include the efficiency of tape in building and construction; tape’s advantages and areas for growth in comparison to other bonding methods; how to communicate tape’s benefits for increased use by building and construction professionals; and upcoming innovations and future marketplace trends in tape.

PSTC Executive Vice President Michelle Miller commented on the value of presenting at the organization’s annual event, saying“The Building & Construction Track gives PSA tape professionals the ability to learn more about usage of and barriers to tape use. Additionally, it provides students and enthusiasts with a stage to get in front of colleagues and industry decision-makers and shine a light on their personal insights into PSA tape, the transformative innovations removing potential barriers to using tape or even real-world applications of tape that make it the champion over competing bonding methods.”

Those interested are invited to submit abstracts of in-depth case studies, solution-driven narratives and practical applications of PSA tape’s use in the building and construction industry. All submitted abstracts undergo a formal committee review and applicants will be notified of their selection in late fall.

The deadline to submit is September 25. To submit an abstract or for more information, visit our website.

22 August 2019
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